Spark Trainer

Cabrinha Spark

The spark is designed to give you the kite flying skills you need to begin your kiteboarding adventures. The 2...

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Crossbow IDS

Cabrinha Crossbow IDS

Its improved light wind performance can be attributed in part to its new lighter weight design. We’ve reduced...

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Chaos IDS

Cabrinha Chaos

Designed with PKRA superstar Alby Rondina, this bridled C kite represents the progression taking place in...

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Drifter IDS

Cabrinha Drifter

Drift stability, one of the Drifter’s prominent features, is the kites ability to stay afloat and drift downwind...

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Vector IDS & SE

Cabrinha Vector

The hybrid design is perfect for Universal Riding. That means its perfect for surf, freestyle, or wakestyle. The...

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Siren IDS

Cabrinha Siren

The Switchblade is the worlds premier wakestyle and all around freestyle kite. One of the elements that make this...

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Switchblade IDS

Cabrinha Switchblade

The Switchblade is the worlds premier wakestyle kite. Powering the likes of Andre Phillip to legendary status in...

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