Sup inflable SWF-550 18 x 80 x 8



Model 18 Whale Shark Fun
Length 18 FT
Width 80 Inches
Thickness 8 Inches
Weight 66 LBS
Volume 1700L
Fin Set Up 5 sets 9 inch Removable Center Box Fin
Construction Shark Single Layer Drop Stitch
Traction Pad Crocodile Skin Traction Pad
Handle 11 Pieces Comfort Carry Handle
Max PSI 25 PSI
Recommend PSI 12 PSI
Rider Weight 1000KG/2200LBS
D-Rings 1 On The Nose For Towing – 1 On The Tail For A Leash – 4 On The Deck For Rigging Kits